Every year gives us another reason to throw a party and mark the birth of our children. This is a great occasion to invite your family, friends and the friends of your child. Just like any other type of party a kid's birthday party includes certain elements that contribute to its success. Obviously, every parent and their child want a birthday party that will be remembered for a long time. One of the things that affect the success of a child’s birthday is the venue where this party will take place. The good news is that parents today have a wide range of options. However, according to many parents, having a child’s birthday party at a kid’s indoor playground is the best option and there is more than one good reason for that.


Amazing Attractions

To begin with, indoor playgrounds are designed with kids in mind. This means that parents don’t have to be worried about the comfort, safety or noise levels of their children. Kids are free to play, jump and be as loud as they want! Another reason to organize your kid’s birthday at an indoor playground is all the attractions they can enjoy there. Each of the activities kids can do at an indoor playground are designed with a single thought in mind – have as much fun as humanly possible.

Indoor playgrounds have play equipment such as bounce houses, jungle gyms, arcades and other kids’ attractions that can will keep them busy and excited for a long time. At the same time parents can relax and drink a coffee while talking to other parents. We should'nt  forget that all these games and special equipment provide kids with good physical activity. They will get back home healthier and happier too and they even get encouraged to develop some new skill or hobby.

Some of the best attractions you can find at an indoor playground include:

  • Climbing walls: Challenge your climbing skills by making your way up to the top of the climbing walls, assisted by an auto-belay system.
  • Spider tower: Spider towers are great for kids as they use their muscles to climb level by level.
  • Mega play structures: Children of all ages can enjoy these large structures that combine multiple elements into a mixture of awesomeness.
  • Triple slides: Multiple-lane slides make sliding even more fun with friends as you race to the bottom.
  • Maze Obstacle courses: Try to beat your personal record as you crawl, jump, climb and slide your way through the obstacle courses.

Easy planning

When people throw children’s birthday parties at home, they have to think about party games, hiring entertainers, and if their space is large enough. Kids Fun house is here to help parents overcome any obstacles and avoid this time-consuming job.

It is very easy to organize a themed party in Queens at Kids Fun House. We offer dedicated party hosts, entertainers, and decorations. So, all you need to do is choose the package that you want for your kid and relax. The staff will organize everything you want without any hassles or misunderstandings.

Furthermore, when parents opt for kid’s indoor playgrounds for their child’s birthday party, they don’t have to think about invites, food preparation, decorations or cleanup after the party. Our professional staff at Kids Fun House in Queens will make sure that the children receive food, beverages and have an amazing time playing at your kid's party.  Having a party at Kids Fun House will ensure that not only the kids that will enjoy this party, but their parents too.

Helpful Staff

Children’s birthday parties often begin quietly and simply, but after a while, they turn into something that we cannot control. This is another reason why using indoor playgrounds is an excellent option for child’s birthday parties. The staff  has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to handle such event and you don’t have to worry about anything!

Private Party Rooms

It’s important to also have your own space when kids are done with exploring the playground and they want to sit down, grab a bite, and rest up. Reputable indoor playgrounds offer private party rooms where all the children and their parents can go when they want to catch a break and celebrate the birthday child.

What is the best indoor trampoline park in Queens, New York for my child’s birthday?

If you’re looking for an indoor playground in Queens, NY with a wide variety of fun attractions, come check out Kids Fun House! We are the perfect place to host your child’s birthday party. Along with our party packages, we have plenty of other interesting activities for kids of all ages and we are absolutely certain we will keep your kids engaged and entertained during their visit.

Reach out to us today, tell us when you’d like to come, and our party planners will take it from there!