How to Choose a Theme for Your Kid's Birthday Party

It is well known that a kids' birthday parties are one of the highlights of childhood. Even though it lasts only a few hours, the memories last a lifetime.

Long after the toys are broken, lost or simply forgotten, happy thoughts and memories about your child's birthday party linger. Pretty much, as soon as children are old enough to hold their own ice cream and wear a paper hat, they're ready for the magical world of birthday parties.

Everything from the invitations and decorations to the cake and ice cream just need your own imagination. Include your child in planning their party theme. You can encourage your child to research the topic with you and make it an educational as well as a fun bonding experience. 

There are two main factors to consider when deciding what type of children's party theme to organize: age and interest.

What entertains and interests a 3-year old will change by the time they are 7. Gender also plays a role. Many kids' theme parties are universal e.g a fairy party, or cooking party. Other children's party themes are not as clear-cut. A little girl can certainly dress up as a pirate but boys may not be so keen on a slumber party.

Children's interests change constantly. In fact they tend to have their own various and colorful plans for their next birthday party - well ahead of the time. What's popular within their peer group this year may be totally different next year.

Try not to have the same theme as other recent kids' birthday parties they've been to.

Kids can get bored easily with the same theme played over and over. Who wouldn't? There are timeless themes which can easily be added to. For example the pirate party theme has been around for years but you can add the element of "Captain Jack Sparrow" and his crew from "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Having a themed party at an indoor playground like Kid's Fun House, you have the advantage of letting us guide you on your selections, room setup, party favors, and more! Plus the positive advantages of not having to clean up before and after the party.