thanksgiving themed kids birthday party

Celebrating your child's birthday near Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful opportunity to combine two joyful occasions.

To make it truly special, consider hosting a Kids Thanksgiving Day Themed Birthday Party at Kids Fun House in Queens, NY, an indoor playground where children can have a blast. In this guide, we'll explore various ideas for decorations, setup, activities, desserts, invitations, and a planning schedule to ensure your child's birthday and Thanksgiving celebration are unforgettable.


1. Thanksgiving and Birthday Fusion: Create a delightful ambiance by combining Thanksgiving and birthday decorations. Choose a color scheme that complements the traditional fall hues of orange, red, and yellow, while adding birthday elements like balloons, streamers, and banners.
2. Festive Table Settings: Arrange kid-friendly tables adorned with Thanksgiving-themed tablecloths, place settings, and colorful tableware. Place miniature pumpkins and turkeys as centerpieces to infuse the Thanksgiving spirit.
3. Balloons and Banners: Hang a "Happy Thanksgiving Birthday" banner at the entrance and embellish it with balloons in autumnal shades and birthday balloons with your child's age.
4. Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with props like turkey hats, birthday crowns, and themed photo frames. This will provide entertainment and serve as a great memory maker for both kids and parents.
5. Thanksgiving Wreaths: Adorn the walls with homemade wreaths made of fall leaves, pinecones, and mini pumpkins, adding a rustic touch to the decor.
6. Themed Cornucopias: Place cornucopias filled with small toys and goodies as both decorations and party favors. 


1. Party Space: Kids Fun House in Queens, NY offers a fantastic indoor playground setting. Utilize the playground's vibrant and engaging spaces for the party setup.
2. Seating: Provide ample seating for kids and parents. Consider colorful picnic-style tables and benches for an informal, fun atmosphere.
3. Food Stations: Set up a designated area for food and beverages, ensuring that it's easily accessible to everyone. You can use autumn-themed table covers for a cohesive look.
4. Play Zones: Kids Fun House has various play areas like ball pits, climbing structures, and slides. Encourage children to explore and play throughout the party.


1. Thanksgiving Crafts: Set up a crafting station where kids can create Thanksgiving-themed crafts like handprint turkeys, paper plate pilgrim hats, and gratitude trees.
2. Scavenger Hunt: Organize a Thanksgiving-themed scavenger hunt with clues hidden throughout the playground. Kids can work in teams to solve the riddles and find the treasures.
3. Pie Tasting Contest: Host a pie tasting contest with different flavors of pies, where children and parents can sample and vote for their favorites.
4. Thanksgiving Storytime: Gather the kids for a cozy storytime session where you read Thanksgiving and birthday-themed books, creating a warm and educational atmosphere.
5. Dance Party: Clear a space for dancing and play lively music, allowing the children to burn off energy and have a blast.


  1. Birthday Cake: A beautiful birthday cake with autumn decorations, combining Thanksgiving elements with your child's age and name, will be the centerpiece of the dessert table.
  2. Pumpkin and Apple Desserts: Offer pumpkin and apple-themed treats like pumpkin pie, apple crisp, pumpkin cookies, and caramel apples.
  3. Candy Corn and Turkey Cupcakes: Decorate cupcakes with candy corn and turkey-shaped toppers, making them both delicious and visually appealing.
  4. Thanksgiving-themed Cookies: Bake or order sugar cookies shaped like turkeys, pumpkins, and leaves, and let the kids decorate their own using icing and sprinkles.
  5. Fruit Platter: Balance out the sweetness with a colorful fruit platter featuring autumn fruits like apples, pears, and grapes.

Invitations: Designing invitations is a crucial part of the party planning process.

For a Kids Thanksgiving Day Birthday Party at Kids Fun House in Queens, NY, consider these invitation ideas:

1. Digital Invitations: Create personalized digital invitations with Thanksgiving and birthday themes using online invitation tools or hire a graphic designer for a unique touch. Include event details, date, time, venue (Kids Fun House in Queens, NY), and RSVP information.
2. Handmade Invitations: Craft DIY invitations with your child, incorporating elements like turkeys, pumpkins, and balloons. This is a creative way to involve your little one in the preparations.
3. Photo Invitations: Use a favorite photo of your child and combine it with themed graphics to create memorable photo invitations. This not only serves as an invite but also a keepsake for the guests.
4. Thanksgiving Message: Add a heartfelt Thanksgiving message, expressing gratitude for the presence of friends and family at your child's special day.

Planning Schedule: To ensure your Kids Thanksgiving Day Birthday Party at Kids Fun House in Queens, NY goes off without a hitch, follow this planning schedule:

8-12 Weeks Before:
• Select the date and time.
• Book the venue (Kids Fun House).
• Create the guest list.
• Choose a theme and color scheme.
• Order or start making decorations.
• Hire any necessary entertainers or caterers.

6-8 Weeks Before:
• Design and send out invitations.
• Plan the menu and order any catering or birthday cake.
• Rent any necessary equipment and furniture.
• Organize activities and games.

4-6 Weeks Before:
• Purchase party favors.
• Confirm RSVPs and guest numbers.
• Arrange for any transportation or parking.
• Plan and purchase desserts and beverages.

2-4 Weeks Before:
• Assemble decorations and centerpieces.
• Coordinate any volunteers or helpers for the party.
• Finalize the playlist for the dance party.
• Confirm all bookings and orders.

1-2 Weeks Before:
• Prepare a timeline for the party.
• Pack a party-day emergency kit.
• Double-check all party supplies and materials.
• Call any guests who haven't RSVP'd.

Day Before:
• Set up the party space at Kids Fun House.
• Decorate the venue.
• Make a checklist for party-day essentials.

Party Day:
• Welcome guests and check them in.
• Ensure all activities and games are set up.
• Serve the delicious food and desserts.
• Capture memorable moments with photographs.
• Thank your guests for attending and celebrate with your child!

Hosting a Kids Thanksgiving Day Birthday Party at Kids Fun House in Queens, NY is an exciting way to celebrate both Thanksgiving and your child's special day. By combining Thanksgiving and birthday decorations, creating a fun and engaging setup, planning a variety of entertaining activities, and offering a delicious spread of desserts, you can ensure that your child and their friends have an unforgettable time. With creative invitations and a well-structured planning schedule, you'll be well-prepared to make this occasion a memorable one for everyone involved. Happy planning!