A Spooktacular Kids' Halloween Themed Birthday Party

Planning a Halloween-themed birthday party for kids is a fantastic way to celebrate the occasion in a fun and memorable way.

When hosting such a party, you'll want to make sure everything is spooky, yet age-appropriate and enjoyable for young ones. One of the perfect venues for such an event is the Kids Fun House in Queens, NY, a fantastic indoor playground. In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide you with ideas for decorations, setup, activities, desserts, and favors, as well as suggestions for invitations and a planning schedule for a memorable Halloween-themed birthday party.


  • Witch Hat Invitations: Create witch hat-shaped invitations with the party details written on the brim. You can use purple, orange, and black cardstock to give them a spooky feel.
  • Pumpkin Patch Invites: Craft pumpkin-shaped invitations from orange cardstock, and attach a little green stem on top. Handwrite the party details or print them on small tags and tie them to the pumpkin with green ribbon.
  • Ghostly Invites: Make ghost-shaped invitations from white cardstock and draw a cute ghost face on each one. Add a tag with the party information and send them in small, black envelopes.

To ensure your Kids Halloween Themed Birthday Party at Kids Fun House in Queens, NY goes off without a hitch, a detailed planning schedule is essential:

6-8 Weeks Before the Party:

  • Choose the party date and time.
  • Book the Kids Fun House venue in Queens, NY.
  • Create your guest list.
  • Design and order invitations.
  • Plan the menu, activities, and decorations.

4-6 Weeks Before the Party:

  • Send out invitations.
  • Start shopping for party supplies and decorations.
  • Organize any special entertainment or activities, such as a magician or face painter.
  • Plan the menu, considering any dietary restrictions of your young guests.

2-4 Weeks Before the Party:

Begin crafting or assembling decorations.
Purchase or make party favors.
Confirm any outside entertainment or services.
Plan the party schedule and activities.

1-2 Weeks Before the Party:

Follow up with invited guests who haven't RSVP'd.
Make a final run to get any remaining supplies.
Prepare any food items that can be made in advance.

1 Week Before the Party:

Call Kids Fun House to confirm all details.
Set up any decorations that can be arranged in advance.
Prepare a party playlist and ensure any music or entertainment equipment is ready.

2-3 Days Before the Party:

  • Set up any remaining decorations and layout at Kids Fun House.
  • Prepare a timeline for the party to ensure smooth flow.
  • Double-check any supplies and decorations for accuracy.

Party Day:

  • Arrive early to set up the venue.
  • Follow your planned timeline for activities and food service.
  • Have a blast at the party!


Decorations and Setup:

The right decorations can transform Kids Fun House into a Halloween wonderland. Here are some ideas for setting up the perfect Halloween atmosphere:

  • Haunted House Entrance: Create a spooky entrance with faux cobwebs, cardboard tombstones, and a "Beware" sign. Place a cauldron with dry ice for a creepy, foggy effect.
  • Candy Corn Banners: String up candy corn-colored banners throughout the venue. You can even make these by cutting and gluing paper triangles together.
  • Glowing Jack-o'-Lanterns: Use battery-operated LED candles inside carved pumpkins for a safe and eerie ambiance.
  • Spooky Silhouettes: Decorate the walls with black cardboard cutouts of bats, cats, witches, and other Halloween-themed silhouettes.
  • Table Settings: Cover tables with black or orange tablecloths and set out Halloween-themed plates, cups, and napkins. Add some spiderweb placemats for a spooky touch.
  • Balloon Bouquets: Arrange orange and black balloons in bouquets around the party area. You can also add Halloween character balloons or pumpkin balloons for extra fun.


To keep the kids entertained, plan a variety of age-appropriate Halloween-themed activities:

  • Pumpkin Decorating: Provide small pumpkins and craft supplies like stickers, markers, and paint for the kids to decorate their own pumpkins.
  • Costume Parade: Encourage kids to come in costume and host a costume parade with small prizes for the best costumes.
  • Mummy Wrap Game: Divide the kids into pairs and give them rolls of white toilet paper. They have to wrap each other like mummies, and the fastest team wins.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Create a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt with clues and hidden treasures around Kids Fun House. Provide small treats as rewards.
  • Spooky Crafts: Set up a crafting station with materials for making Halloween-themed crafts like paper plate masks, pipe cleaner spiders, and foam bat decorations.


Halloween-themed desserts are an essential part of the party. Consider these options:

  • Cupcake Decorating: Bake or buy plain cupcakes and provide frosting and various Halloween-themed decorations like edible eyes, sprinkles, and candy corn.
  • Spider Cookies: Make spider-shaped cookies with chocolate bodies and licorice legs.
  • Candy Apples: Dip apples in caramel or chocolate and let the kids decorate with Halloween sprinkles.
  • Witch's Brew Punch: Create a non-alcoholic "witch's brew" punch using green soda, gummy worms, and floating eyeball ice cubes.


Send the kids home with some spooky and fun party favors:

  • Goodie Bags: Fill goodie bags with small toys, stickers, and Halloween-themed treats like gummy worms, mini chocolate bars, and candy corn.
  • Mini Pumpkins: Give each child a small pumpkin to take home as a party favor.
  • Halloween-Themed Toys: Include items like Halloween-themed pencils, erasers, and small toys.

Planning a Kids Halloween Themed Birthday Party at Kids Fun House in Queens, NY can be an exciting and memorable experience for both the birthday child and their guests. By carefully considering decorations, setup, activities, desserts, and favors, you can create an atmosphere that is both spooky and kid-friendly. With creative invitations and a well-structured planning schedule, your Halloween-themed party will be a fantastic success, filled with laughter, fun, and spooky surprises.